Success Stories
Besides deep functional expertise, AndVista also brings experience and insights from different industries, specifically:
Pioneering pharmaceutical Company with sales over USD 30 billion
Development of a business strategy to enhance supply chain control. Improve inventory and flows. Comply with existing and future legal requirements. We delivered a global strategy covering: A detailed analysis and evaluation of emerging authentication technologies such as 2D Barcode (Datamatrix) and RFID with a final recommendation on label coding and technologies to be used, a comprehensive definition of current and emerging regulatory requirements globally and the implications in the near and long term, a listing of key stakeholders, their perspectives, agendas and direction, including all members of the global supply chain, regulatory authorities, industry associations and standards organizations, Benchmarking approaches by other manufacturers, an assessment of the capabilities of contract manufacturers and packagers relative to the in scope objectives and technologies, a detailed IT landscape strategy considering current IT landscape (SAP R/3 currently in use) and RFID infrastructure, a cost/benefit analysis, a recommendation on organizational changes, an implementation and investment strategy for the next 3-5 years (phased approach), a listing of key enabling vendors, their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses and how they can apply within the context of implementation strategy.
International Group active in the healthcare with consolidated revenues of 800 millions euros
Detailed strategy approach and phased project plan to optimize Material lead time, delivery performance, enhance inventory performance. We delivered a global strategy covering: Phase 1: Strategy and planning required for serialization. Roadmap and recognition of decisions required to implement a set of solutions in the proceeding phases of the project. Phase 2: Project Implementation Plan.
​Company devoted to human vaccines.
Control chain of custody in order to enhance recall process and warehouse operations, control supply chain operations. In progress: During the recall scenario, the manufacturer can provide the specific ranges of serial numbers that are required to be returned rather than recalling the entire lot or shipment from certain date. New reconciliation process required to put into place at returns management company to verify the serial number product. Expected benefit: Reduce the cost of recall and eliminate the opportunity of returning the incorrect product.
European Commission
Implementation of a full supply chain traceability system of pharmaceutical products in a live, operating environment. This facilitates the development of related supply chain applications such as electronic pedigree, authentication, recall, inventory management and financial reconciliation.
Leading chemical Company
Enabling food manufacturers to trace exactly which ingredients were used and which conditions applied in the manufacture of a product. Benefit: The business unit's sales force found that their products were fully and transparently traceable – and in fact, the possibility to demonstrate it with just a few clicks on a computer – set them well apart from so many other companies in the marketplace.