Pharmaceutical Traceability

What we do to solve the problem

AndVista helps pharmaceutical companies achieve not only regulatory compliance in markets, such as China, Brazil, the U.S. and others, but more importantly to create value beyond compliance. Value creation in pharmaceutical traceability is a novel and even a radical idea because most pharmaceutical companies in our view are thinking about how to comply, not how to comply and create value.
AndVista traceability approach is based on our unique point of view, which is in part:
Traceability has to be part of a broader and more strategic supply chain perspective which considers customers, orders, inventory, systems and trading partners,
Most traceability data that a company needs (perhaps as much as 80%) resides beyond its four walls with partner systems,
Data orchestration (not just data management) inside and outside the four walls is critical for traceability success,
More disparate pharmaceutical traceability market requirements and identification of medicinal products during their entire life cycle (ex:IDMP) will emerge as more countries acknowledge the value of protecting patients and consumers,
Multiple industries, such as Consumer Packaged goods, Aerospace & Defense, and Food & Beverage face similar traceability challenges.
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